The Santa Maria E.M School is a dream project of the Congregation of Sisters Servants of Our Lady of Sorrows. Drawing abiding inspiration from Our Lady of Sorrows, our Heavenly Patron, we let our hands to ignite the hearts of pupil through quality education and moral support.

The Trust of SOCIETY OF SISTERS SERVANTS OF OUR LADY OF SORROWS has executed on 27/11/1999 has been registered as the Public Charitable Trust. Reg. No/242/1V/SRO/1999.

  • Heavenly Patron : Our Lady of Sorrows
  • Out Mother General : Mother Maria Paola Romoli
  • Delegate Superior : Rev. Sr. Kunjamma
  • Manager : Rev. Sr. Seena
  • Principal : Rev. Sr Rosamma
  • Academic Co-ordinator : Mrs. Shantha Joseph