Santa Maria English Medium School
Principal’s Message

Santa Maria English Medium School has reached the 27th  year of prosperous growth with the blessings from God Almighty. It is with fullest satisfaction we look upon the past years . The Management and the staff right from the beginning are trying to give their students the best of everything possible – an all around development which would make the students better persons endowed with genius fellow feeling. Our academic and extra –curricular activities while building upon past are attuned to the challenges of the present and the call of future .

The present scenario of Secondary and Senior Secondary Education it would be appropriate for me to establish the fact that we dedicate ourselves to the course of child development through holistic education of our students. We promise an atmosphere which is just and conducive for the development . Our students are becoming more and more studious and responsible which is clear from the fact that they bring laurels to the school every year in the Board Exams as well as non- scholastic achievements.

I would like to thank the Indian Pioneers, Parents , teachers, students and all well wishers for their immense support and timely advice.
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